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Purchase Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are exclusively for SUNY Purchase College students.

Many Purchase College students have the opportunity to study for a semester or a year as an exchange student at a distinguished Purchase partner institution abroad. Students who participate in exchanges take courses at the overseas host institution while remaining matriculated full time at Purchase College. Exchange students receive credit toward their Purchase degree and pay Purchase tuition, which allows them to maintain their financial aid packaging.
  • These programs have been thoroughly reviewed and approved for Purchase College students
  • They are semester or year-long programs & typically offer 12-credit.
  •  These exchanges require students to be very independent and mature; comparable student support services may not be available

For Visual and Performing Arts students only

Groningen, The Netherlands

Prince Claus Conservatory of Music

(Limited to Jazz Majors)

Located in Groningen, the second oldest university town in the Netherlands, the Prince Claus Conservatory is a division of Hanze University.  The conservatory is near the station and a short walk from the historic city square. Housed in an intimate, new state-of-the-art building adjacent to the city concert hall, students have regular opportunities to perform, including lunchtime concerts and regional festivals.  Instruction is in English and Dutch. Distinguished jazz faculty come to the conservatory from around the world. Purchase Exchange Information.
York, England, United Kingdom

York St. Johns University

(Limited to Theatre & Performance majors)

Located in the heart of York, YSJU offers a liberal arts education amid historic and contemporary buildings and thriving city life.  Founded in 1841, YSJU has a large, state of the art campus and about 20,000 students.  Housing is available on campus.  All classes are in English. Purchase Exchange Information

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam School of the Arts

Located in the historic heart of Amsterdam, the school enrolls approximately 2300 students from around the world who study fine art, art history, film and television, theatre, dance, music, architecture and arts management. The state of the art conservatory has five teaching facilities. The School of Music offers studies in jazz, opera and classical. The Academy of Fine Arts teaches drawing, painting, three-dimensional work and textile design. The Theatre School offers classical, jazz and modern dance and studies in design technology and acting. The exchange is focused on painting and drawing specifically.The language of instruction is primarily English. Purchase Exchange Information.

For Arts Management Majors 

Perth, Australia

Edith Cowan University

Located on the west coast of Australia, Perth is often compared to San Diego. Edith Cowan University is a large, comprehensive university. Dance curriculum is offered through the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, which has an enrollment of approximately 400 students. Classical and contemporary instruction are offered and students have frequent performance opportunities. All classes are in English.

Paris, France

Study Arts Management at Europe's greatest cultural center, Paris. The Institut d’Etudes Superieures des Arts is an institution located in the very center of Paris devoted to the study of Arts Management with tracks in Media, Performing Arts, Art Market, and Contemporary Art. These courses are offered in both French and English, and a wide selection of Art History and French language courses are also available. The school holds great prestige in the Parisian art world and internships can be arranged for students at excellent CV-boosting locations. The program also makes a fine choice for Art History majors as classes make regular visits to the back rooms of the Louvre (only a block away) to examine objects with museum curators. Purchase Exchange Information 

Budapest, Hungary

Study in Europe's best student town, Budapest. The International Business School's BA program in Arts Management closely resemble's Purchase's own, and offers most of the same core courses, and everything is taught in English. Visiting students are fully immersed in the close-knit community of Arts Management majors, who are internationally diverse (Hungarians, Russians, Moldavians, Ukranians, Germans, Israelis, for example), but who all use English as their common language. Budapest has long been praised as one of the best locations to study abroad. Hungarian need not be known in order to function in Budapest, as the city is widely English-friendly. Its low-cost of living, easily affordable rents, and fabulous underground night life make it an excellent base for a semester in Europe, especially since so many other great locations are a short train-ride away (Prague, Vienna, Krakow). Purchase Exchange Information

For School of Art & Design students only

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Recently merged with the University of Edinburgh, ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) is located in the heart of historic Edinburgh. Applicants should be in their junior year and have faculty recommendation from a visual arts faculty member. Because their Spring academic calendar does not coincide with that of Purchase College, Purchase students are encouraged, but not limited to, study at ECA during the Fall semester. Classes are taught in English.
London, England, United Kingdom

Six distinctive and distinguished Colleges make up University of the Arts London: Located within London, the Colleges are at the heart of their respective communities.  The University's teaching staff, as active professional artists, practitioners, designers, critics and theorists, lead the way on creative and experimental practice alongside historical and theoretical analysis. Camberwell is one of the world's foremost art and design institutions and has welcomed students to South London for over a century, many of whom have stayed on in the area making it the place for artists to live and work. Fine Art and Photography majors are encouraged to apply. Purchase Exchange Information.


For Conservatory of Dance students

Perth, Australia

Edith Cowan University

Located on the west coast of Australia, Perth is often compared to San Diego. Edith Cowan University is a large, comprehensive university. Dance curriculum is offered through the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, which has an enrollment of approximately 400 students. Classical and contemporary instruction are offered and students have frequent performance opportunities. All classes are in English.

London, England, United Kingdom

London Contemporary School of Dance

Located in beautiful contemporary building in Central London, "The Place," as it is commonly called, offers classes in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance, and choreography. Students have many opportunities for performance. The language of instruction is English.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Hogeschool of Music and Dance, Rotterdam

Located in a beautiful new building near the central train station in Rotterdam, The Hogeschool enrolls approximately 1200 students in all areas of dance, choreography and dance therapy as well as music. This exchange is limited to dance. Instruction is in English and Dutch.

Beijing, China
Also known as Beijing Dance Institute, the Beijing Dance Academy is the only institution of higher education in dance in China. There are three specialties: performance, choreography and dance studies. It offers Master's degrees and Bachelor's degrees. The school was founded on September 6, 1954 and is located in the Haidian District, a suburban district to the northwest of the urban core of Beijing. There are almost 500 teachers and administrative staff and about 2,000 students. Admission to the school is competitive; an examination is required just like all other academies.
Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei National University of the Arts

Founded in 1982, TUNA is located just outside the city of Taipei. TNUA features outstanding Dance Department with internationally renowned faculty who are respected throughout Asia. The Dance Building is specifically dedicated to professional training for dancers. Students study Western dance which includes ballet and American modern dance, eastern dance including a variety of forms, Tai Chi for dancers, composition and performance. Host to many festivals, exchange students have regular opportunities to perform while at TNUA. Instruction in many classes is in English.
Hong Kong, China 

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, established by Government Ordinance in 1984, is a leading tertiary institution in performing arts in Asia.  It provides professional undergraduate education and practice-based postgraduate studies in Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, Theatre and Entertainment Arts, and Chinese Traditional Theatre. Its education philosophy reflects the cultural diversity of Hong Kong with emphasis on Chinese and Western traditions, and interdisciplinary learning.

Seoul, South Korea

Korea National University of Arts

Located in South Korea’s capital and largest city, Seoul, Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) focuses on field education in various dance techniques, including Korean traditional dance, ballet, and contemporary dance education. K-Arts offers majors in Dance Performance, Choreography and Theory. The school also runs education programs in new dance styles, creation, and study.  There are over 2,200 undergraduates total with about 230 students in the School of Dance. 


For A Variety Of Majors

Burgos, Spain
Located in northern Spain, Burgos is a historic city on the St. James Way, still frequented by pilgrims.  It boasts a major cathedral and ancient castle and monastery.  University buildings are both contemporary and dating from the twelfth century. The university offers classes in humanities, social and natural sciences, and business. Most classes are in Spanish, though some courses on Spanish culture are offered in English and Spanish Language is offered at a variety of levels. Purchase Exchange Information.
Copenhagen, Denmark
 (Limited to New Media majors)

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) is an institution which offers a large number courses, and whose mission is to educate highly skilled and professional designers, communicators and technologists who are able to work in an international context. . Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is dedicated to the concept of widening international co-operation as a fundamental basis for high quality teaching and learning. KEA offers Multimedia Design and Communication courses, taught in English. Purchase Exchange Information 

Madrid, Spain

For more than 15 years, Nebrija University has received students from all over the world who come to the university for part of their academic training. Every effort is made to integrate international students into daily university life. In the majority of programs, exchange students attend classes side-by-side with Spanish students. The exchange relationship between Purchase College and Nebrija University allows Purchase students to take courses Theater Performance and other majors. Students are recommended to have at least intermediate Spanish language proficiency. 

Mexico City, Mexico

Universidad Iberoamericana

Located in the bustling business center SantaFe, Iberoamericana is a large, prestigious, private university with an outstanding school of design.  Courses offered compliment those taught in the School of Art+Design at Purchase and include interactive, graphic, textile and industrial design.  Additionally, Cinema Studies, Art History, Language and Culture majors are encouraged to apply. Students have the opportunity to work with Ibero professors on intensive, ongoing projects. Classes are held in state-of-the-art facilities on a lovely modern campus. Instruction is in Spanish, but a six week intensive language course is available in the summer. All faculty speak English. 

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