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Student Blogs!

Useful Blogs before going Abroad!
Blogs for Spring 2014 Study Abroad!

Angelica Pina, a Political Science major studying in Florence, Italy 

Blogs for FALL 2013 STUDY ABROAD - check them out!

Nicolas Bruno, a photography major studying in Perugia, Italy 

Cheryl Fetky, a photography major studying in Salzburg, Austria 

Ayaka Kamei, a dance major studying in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Caitlin Kenyon, a theater and performance major studying in London, England

Tanira Wiggins, a journalism major studying in Goethenburg, Sweden

Kathleen Mollica, a media, society and the arts major studying in London, England

Seneca Lawrence, a dance major studying in Hong Kong, China

Emily Bullock, a photography major studying in Florence, Italy

 Past Bloggers from previous semesters:
Sessa Englund is studying painting and graphic design at Valand Konstskola in Gothenburg Sweden. She chose to study a semesterabroad in Sweden partly because of her Swedish heritage and partly to peruse her interest in Swedish design.
She hopes to gain a better understanding about the esthetic
& regional artistic expression & the international art community.
During her time in Gothenburg Sessa will keep a blog
focusing mainly on her art and school work.
She will also blog any museum and gallery visits,
as well as any interesting cultural events in Gothenburg.
Peter Kaiser is a 20 year old
New Media major.
Peter has gone abroad to Berlin, Germany
to see what similarities he can pull from it
in comparison to New York -- 
especially in the realm of New Media art
and to learn a bit more about his heritage
and where he's come from.
Rebecca Lomuto is a junior photography major
studying at SACI Florence for the Fall 2011 semester.
Her blog will focus on her new Italian lifestyle,
from a more personal point of view than a typical travel blog.
With many pictures, thoughts and entries,
one may consider this my personal diary
and perhaps use these writings as a window
into the everyday like of a foreign student abroad.

Margaret Murphy is a junior photography major
In Italy, she hopes to expand her photographic vision
in a completely new environment and culture.
This is her first time in Italy and looks forward to the challenges
and excitement that come from living in a foreign country,
particularly one with such a rich, artistic history.
Laura Salzhauer is a SUNY Purchase Environmental Studies
who plans on working with animals for the rest of her life
Laura is also very passionate about photography;
particularly wildlife photography.
Laura is studying abroad in Madagascar,
Africa to learn about all the biodiversity on this unique island
and to take a massive amount of photos.
Laura hopes that this will be a great experience;
being in touch with nature,
learning about cultures
& staying in a tent for almost three months
is exactly what she needs.
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